Saturday, November 29, 2008

getting ready

we are at 20 days and counting before we leave on the grey goose' I guess that is what I will call it , and head south. While I am excited i am also a bit apprehensive as to how I am going to deal 24/7 with hubby and the 4 dogs. I think i will get use to the close quarters- let's pray for sun and warm weather so I can be outside.

I have stashed little packs here and there of stuff to be loaded on the bus from cocktail napkins to misc bowls and champagne glasses. do you detect a theme here- traveling with class.. Of course all that will be blown when the dogs started barking and complaining and growling at each other. We will have to be selective with our "friends"

I am sure it will all turn out fine either that or be a complete disastor. Just keep thinking warm weather , warm weather , warm weather