Tuesday, November 17, 2009

getting ready

I am beginning to think of traveling and the winter down south. I have summer clothes that are usually put away, lying on the bed ready to be stowed away. I am thinking food for the RV and good stuff for the freezer for on the road. Dogs have been to the vet for shots, prescription meds ordered, we are getting ready.

It is always a bit stressful as I have the holidays and gifts to be sent out before we leave, reservations for on the road, house things to be done before we leave the place vacant. That being said, it is exciting to get back on the road.

We have made reservations for Savannah GA and plans to eat at Paula Dean's, we will be in the Keys for a week at Christmas, then a 4 day agility trial in Palmetto before settling in at Pioneer Village, a quirky but homey RV park for the majority of the winter. I am more excited about the fact that I have found a place to train this winter so that Deco doesn't lose what little 'edge' he may have. More importantly is the companionship of dog-people. All helps to keep me sane.

I will try and stay more timely in my blogs. I have a new iphone, so I can take pictures, get messages, check facebook Damn I love this modern age