Thursday, January 29, 2009

further adventures of the crew

I have to admit that I am not good at keeping the blogs updated- it certainly is not because of lack of things happening
Last weekend we headed to Miami to an agility trial , beautiful site and fun people. So different having a site that is under cover but open on all 4 sides with nice crating and great footing. Palm trees, sun and great weather . We had a bit of trouble on the road going to Miami as the tire on the jeep that we were towing blew. Jim noticed a piece of rubber flying in the air and we pulled over. One tire was totally rolled back over the rim and the other had been scraped raw. All these years with triple AAA and i finally got to use them. Jim left me with the RV on the side of the road and AAA loaded the jeep on a tow truck and drove him back to get tires. All this put us into Miami at rush hour which is a bit of an adventure when you are driving a 40' bus and towing a car and trying to get from one lane to the other to make a turn. If you miss your turn with the bus you can be screwed as this thing does NOT make u-turns.

Other then that we have been soaking up the sun, 80 degree weather. Today the RV park had all sorts of events and Jim and I went up with another couple and had some 50 cent beers and bratwurst and watch the cloggers and line dancers. I learned how to play shuffleboard- harder then it looks. It was all good fun and our first participation in a park social event.

Dogs continue to run my life. We go play frisbee at 4 in the afternoon and have a small group with 3 poodle/yorkie crosses and Flee and Nemo. 90 % of the dogs in the park are foo-foo beyond belief, all those little toy dog things in every cross imaginable. There are goldens a lab or two, poodles, a chow, and yorkies yorkies yorkies. One beagle and i have seen 2 German Shepard's. I have the market on corgis and have become the dog guru- people stop by and ask questions. I am also very vocal on what I will allow at the dog play area and that is no big dogs with my dogs - just not worth the aggravation.

so that is life amongst the old folk- damn I guess I am one of them now aren't I . We were at the pool and Jim pointed out that all the chlorine had turned every one's hair gray. Cute-

Next weekend we head to Vero Beach for a dog event. That should be fun

take care friends and I will try to be more current with my blogs

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NEW POST FINALLY- We Have a New President!!

first I will apologize up front about the delay in posting. I had trouble signing back into my blog to post, who knows why except maybe the web gurus. So, here I am back , happy and blogging

today is a momentous day !!! How can I describe how I feel- Obama's speech hit all the right notes for me, foreign policy and might does not make right ! Hooray for that and for what i hope is more attention to the needy of all countries. I know time will tell but here is a man who's beliefs are so much closer to mine and those of many of my friends. I have such hopes for him although it is not a job I would want, you have to be special to get to the presidency and to bring the support of millions of people with you . almost a religious experience .

Now on to the Florida stuff. It is cool here today, like long pants and sweater cool The wind is blowing and it is cloudy which adds to the long pants and sweater feel. As I had planned to spend the day watch the festivities in Washington , the weather is no problem.
We seem to have settled in. Actually Jim settled in early , he likes the warm weather and visiting with the RV 'men'. It has taken me a bit longer to get use to the schedule or lack of schedule. i have the dogs in a routine that works, I have had a haircut and pedicure, so things are looking up.
Jim and I have taken little road trips down to Punta Gorda and over to Bokelia. We have visited with our friends in Fort Myers and Pine Island. We have had a small Mystic party with friends who were down in Sarasota. There are quite a few people form Ledyard/Mystic scattered around this area and many of them have found their ways to our site.

Days go by rather quickly and yet you aren't doing much. We leave Thursday for Miami and a dog trial- that should be fun and interesting and the weather man promised warmer weather. tomorrow is going to be cold with lows in the 30's tonight so the heater will be going. Hey, it isn't 5 degrees with snow on the ground so I should just stop whining about it - right!

I am not sure I could go "full time" that would be living in the RV full time but it has just about everything you need except a fenced in yard so the dogs can play independent of the leash.

Promise to keep the blog up now that Google has allowed me back in

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year- finally

I haven't kept up to date and for that I apologize. Again , for someone who does little but walk 4 dogs by the time evening comes I am ready for bed. Actually , it is not just walking but keeping them quiet and exercised.
We had a quiet New Year's Eve- also our 14th anniversary ( and they said it wouldn't last). We had friends over on NYear's day and another set of friends today. Tomorrow is for me to sit back and read.
I need to get a bit more creative about cooking- can't do grilling every night. I have cleaning down to a science. We have decided to get a small TV for the "basement" so we can sit outside and watch TV if the urge gets us. Today with UConn on we could have used it -
Deco is getting better and is barking instead of those little 'woofs' and he wants to do the stairs in and out instead of being carried. I do think he bruised his ribcage and that the rimydil (sp) is helping. The vet called Friday to check on him- they are very attentive at this vet office.
We will not trial next week as I don't want him to re injure himself but I have hopes for Miami the end of the month.
We are looking into moving to the panhandle next month- I have always wanted to see that part of Florida.
other then that- not much to report. Life in the RV park is quiet unless you have a site next to the Canadians- they raise H every night. I am getting very lazy so I need to find something to do that isn't just walking the dogs- which still takes a better part of my day.
Well, when all is said and done , it is warm and sunny each day and that sure beats cold and snow.