Wednesday, December 23, 2009

does Santa Claus come to the Florida Keys?

Lovely Marathon Florida and the scene from our RV. Arrived here on the 22nd and much to our delight, the park is very nice and friendly. Many of the people here come every year for the holidays. We have several friends from Michigan who come down every year and we are getting together with them.

I have to admit that I am missing the family this year, Perhaps because the youngest grand child is 4 and it would be fun to watch her on Christmas. Maybe I am just getting sentimental in my older age, who knows.

Jim was able to wash the RV which made him happy. All the rain and mud from the state park in Georgia - gone.

Not much else to add. While lots of people have their RVs decorate more so then a house- lots of palm trees and flamingos as well. We opted for the minimalist approach, ie , nothing. May go to K -Mart tomorrow and look for discounted Xmas goodies and do a half hearted holiday theme.

We have finally solved the problem with Nemo who cries all night if he is in his crate but if left free he insists on sleeping on our heads. I have a slip lead that is tied so he can not get on the bed and I brought one of the dog beds to put beside the bed. this keeps him off the bed but with us. Unbelievable what we do for our guys.

Just got the confirmation for the Palmetto trial, short to tall every day but Saturday- that means Wednesday thru Friday, early days. Hooray - then again it doesn't much matter as what else are we doing. It will be interested to see if Deco maintains the agility edge he showed at the Cluster in November. Here's hoping.

In closing, Merry Christmas to all. May Santa be good to you. ( and the dogs if that applies)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Savannah Georgia, or let it rain rain rain

Arrived in Skidaway Island State Park on Tuesday the 15th Great park with lots of trees, lots of space , great walking trails and a shower house with heat. This is probably the closest I have come to actual "camping" if you can use that term while in a 40 ' RV with washer and drier.
No one close by , no outside lights - which makes it a bit hairy when walking at night because of the flooding on the roads. Yes, we have had rain.
We have visited Tybee Island and went into Savannah yesterday , even ate at Paula Dean's compliments of Toby. Savannah is interesting but I think that Charleston is the prettier, or more elegant , city. I think Savannah can be real party time at times. I do love the way it is set up with 'quarters' and little parks in the center of a neighborhood so that you drive around them.
Today we had lots of rain and I stayed inside and read from my Kindle - love the Kindle- it did stop raining enough for me to get the dogs outside and walked, large puddles and all. Actually can you call water over your ankles a 'puddle'
Tomorrow should be dry a cooler and we are spending one more day here as it is easy for me with the dogs and lots of places to walk them. Sunday we start the journey to Marathon and then it is RV parks with people close together and I have to watch the mouthy dogs.
It does look like we left New England in time however, especially considering the snow covering all those mid Atlantic states that we have to drive through.
Yes, I do miss the snow at Christmas but not the cold.
will download pictures tomorrow and add to my blog - night all

Monday, December 14, 2009

charleston sc

We arrived in Charleston on Sunday. I found this state park on James Island that looked interesting . It is 643 acres with 125 RV sites, a large dog park with lake, and three mile to 2 mile trails. I figured that would work especially for the dogs.

Little did we suspect that this is the site of the Holiday Festival of Lights and it is spectacular. Three miles of lighted displays. It draws thousands of people, includes a Santa's village, lighted walkways. The animation is amazing. You can't really take pictures that capture it all. There is one display with Santa hitting a golf ball and across the road is the lit green and you see a white ball come across the road and roll on the green. Really something . It also meant that we were lucky to get a spot here. And I was just coming for the walking trails.

The only bummer is the damn rain. Everything is wet and soggy as it has rained for the better part of a week. We went into Charleston but the fog made it impossible to see the water. What a beautiful place and the houses are unbelievable !! Can not imagine what it takes to for upkeep with the humidity and ocean air.

Next, to keep the adventure going, we went to the only place in north america that grows tea. The Charleston Tea Plantation. (Jim thought this was on par with going to see the largest ball of twine- isn't that from a Chevy Chase vacation movie) Actually I knew nothing about how tea was processed so I found it interesting. From the time the tea is picked to dried and "tea ready" is 20 hours. So I thought it was interesting. Weare going to be in Savannah for 5 days so I thought we would have enough time to visit plantations, etc. But WHEN would we see tea grown again !

Tomorrow we leave for Savannah. I have walked my legs off but the dogs seem none the worse for wear. If Deco doesn't stop barking I am tying him to a tree, a palm tree at that . Damn dog- he is spoiled. Last night Abbie slept in the entrance to the bedroom so Nemo whined all night as he won't go by Abbie. Unbelievable !
Hope everyone is well and prepared for the holidays
Signing off
Lindsay and Jim on the road

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


As I looked outside and saw the snow, not a good sign. We need to get out of here and past the snow line.
It is taking me longer to load up this year, maybe because I know what I need or am bringing too much stuff. Can be pretty sure I am bringing too much stuff.
Loading up all the dog things, grooming kit, meds, leashes and poop bags, treats and food. Like moving a small circus. And all the while I am thinking, god this is the last day I can just open the door and let them out !!! I will get use to all the walking, did last year, but I am dreading it a bit as I have to manage these guys. If they would all get along, but that is not in the cards. Actually the one who is the problem is Flee as he and Abbie don't see eye to eye and he goes after Deco. Macho Flee
then they don't have the big crates as only 300 crates fit easily in the space assigned for doggie beds. Big enough for corgis, they are spoiled at home.
Our goal is to go as far as Winchester VA Friday where there is a camp ground. Most campgrounds are closed in new england and Penn. - wonder why as I look at the snow outside and frozen water.
I do not want to do 95 through New York and New Jersey and DC, so we are opting for a bit more inland. Tomorrow is high wind warnings, now that is not fun in our " high profile vehicle" the wind can push us across the road.

OK folks, promise some good pictures and more interesting text. Love the iphone so I should be able to get some interesting candid shots.
taa taa

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Week and Counting

Now comes the big push,getting the bus packed and the house un-packed , so to speak. Looking over all the summer duds, bringing more with me this year as I really didn't have anything to dress up in I mean casual dress up like no jeans, and I do have that stuff here so might as well bring it with me.

Then it is reloading food stuffs like bread crumbs and diced tomatoes and pasta, stuff I have in the house. We have 2 refrigerators and a freezer in the house so everything needs to go into one frig and I see what is in the freezer that I can take with me. The refrig and freezer on the bus is small so I have to be careful and the dog's food takes up a good amount of room. Unfortunately I can't find decent raw down in Florida so we just have to make due.

Will miss my doggie friends , all the Sneak members and Paulie ,my herding guru. At least I have a few contacts all set in Florida and that has possibilities.

Once I get the packages wrapped, the money set aside for those type gifts, the rv packed and cleaned, the bed made towels folded etc. I will feel less stressed.

I always find the holidays stressful and alot of it has to do with the fact that I feel I don't do enough for the kids and grandkids. Now where does that come from ? Somehow I always feel lacking during the holidays which makes me do more and more, unfulfilled expectations that I put on myself. Damn you would think at 64 I would be over that, it just gets worse until I leave and head south where I can avoid the jingle bell jingle bell feelings. How Christmas can it be with a palm tree ??

Got to say that I love the iphone . love it love it. I took pictures of the granddaughters making a gingerbread house and downloaded it, so handy to have available. And the apps!!!!!! I have one that reads barcodes and tells me where I can buy it cheaper. what a great toy.

OK fellow bloggers, countdown is on . More to come

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

getting ready

I am beginning to think of traveling and the winter down south. I have summer clothes that are usually put away, lying on the bed ready to be stowed away. I am thinking food for the RV and good stuff for the freezer for on the road. Dogs have been to the vet for shots, prescription meds ordered, we are getting ready.

It is always a bit stressful as I have the holidays and gifts to be sent out before we leave, reservations for on the road, house things to be done before we leave the place vacant. That being said, it is exciting to get back on the road.

We have made reservations for Savannah GA and plans to eat at Paula Dean's, we will be in the Keys for a week at Christmas, then a 4 day agility trial in Palmetto before settling in at Pioneer Village, a quirky but homey RV park for the majority of the winter. I am more excited about the fact that I have found a place to train this winter so that Deco doesn't lose what little 'edge' he may have. More importantly is the companionship of dog-people. All helps to keep me sane.

I will try and stay more timely in my blogs. I have a new iphone, so I can take pictures, get messages, check facebook Damn I love this modern age

Sunday, April 5, 2009

back in Ledyard CT

Back home on March 30th via Lagrange Ky , Clarksburg WV - or should I say those are the places we parked. We went through Decatur AL , Nashville Tn, Louisville KY, and then all those Pennsylvania and New York places. I will say the drive across West Virginia on Highway 68 was not one of our smartest moves. Jim simply says that " if you are going to be on the road you need to take what the road gives you" . I say snow, wind and climbing up and down mountains in March is more then I want. Bet it is pretty in the summer going through the Cumberland Gap and all.

But home we are- nice letting the dogs just go out and run and really nice seeing family and my dog family- fellow Sneakers. Good to go to class with Deco and I am looking forward to trialing at the upcoming Sneak trial. So those are the good things. But, I do miss our RV park freedom and the sun and how totally

laid back living is-------note picture of out Florida site ------------

We are already looking ahead to our next trip, May is pretty busy with dog stuff and then the CPE Nationals in June and then- on the road again but most likely close by , Maine, Vermont. I want to do Gettysburg but will wait until the fall when the kids are back in school.

Yes, we are back home and I look around at all the stuff and wonder why I need it all, I never realized I was a minimalist- liked the small space of the bus and the economy of bringing just what you needed. That being said I do need to 'personalize" the interior and I still want wood flooring where the carpet is.

As for the dogs, Flee says anywhere his frisbee is home.

What a guy, my Flee who will be 8 in May- time flies.

Lindsay/Jim and the many corgis back in CT.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

greetings from Red Bay

This picture my friend is all us 'happy campers' sitting and waiting for service in Red Bay Alabama. Tiffen has a sort of campground, lets say we have water, electric and sewer, and there is a large grassy lot where the guys can run and play Frisbee. You wait until you are contacted by the service manager and they will schedule your service and it can take time if you have a big issue. Luckily we have some windows on recall to be replaced so we are scheduled for some time tomorrow. Now remember when you get the call, the slides have to come in, raise the lifts, bring in the electric line, sewer line, water hoses. Move things so they don't fly around, and off you go which is simply around a corner to a bay where hopefully your problems are solved. Meanwhile you sit and wait.

I want to have the carpet replaced with wood flooring which I have in the kitchen and hallways but of course this is a problem and will require a week, no way that is being done now so we will head home at the end of the week stopping in Louisville KY to visit friends.

Now this picture was taken at the Coon Dog Cemetery in Cherokee Alabama, just up the road from us. Kind of interesting Only coon dogs can be buried there and the graves are marked with stones, wooden boards with names burned in, metal markers. Kind of cool Our next stop, before we leave, will be Tupelo Mississippi- about an hour away from here and ELVIS's birthplace. Now how could we pass that up The purpose of traveling is to stop and visit these places and I am amazed at how many of them are out there. Helen Keller's birthplace is about an hour north but i am opting for ELVIS this time out. Should have some great pictures to add to my blog. Admit it folks, i am doing better.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

first day of spring- from Alabama

We entered Georgia a week ago on our way to Perry and the FMCA (family motor coach assoc) convention. We stopped overnight at this campground in Park City Georgia, the Spanish moss hung on all the trees. It was lovely although the sun never really came out. Lots of coaches were there on their way to Perry.

Ahh Perry Georgia where the first 2 days it rained and rained and rained. Check out the mud !! there were over 3000 coaches there and we really did have a good time and learned alot but those first 2 days of rain with wet clothes and 4 wet dogs- need i say more.

I attended many seminars from volunteering at a wildlife refuge to fire and safety on your motor home- a bit scary but good information. Of course we spent money on 2 safety features one of which will turn your generator on if you loss shore power- a good thing to have in the warm weather if you have dogs on board. These coaches can heat up really fast.

We left on Friday and headed to Alabama That is a picture of Talladega where we spent the day at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, actually I have to admit it was interesting and I am not a race car fan. The super speed way is amazing, the in-field alone covers 212 acres. When they have races they put out 7,000 trash cans and serve over 12,000 hot dogs. I was impressed with the steepness of the track , it has a 33% bank ( don't know if I said that right) don't know how the cars stay on the track with that much slant but they do. It was a fun day.

Now tomorrow we head to Red Bay Alabama and the Tiffen factory where our coach was built. I have no idea how long we will be there as apparently you show up and they give you a number. However, near by we have the coon-dog cemetery( I kid you not) and Helen Keller's birthplace so it will give me something to do. Now if I can figure out what to do with the 4 dogs while they work on the coach ....... And they are predicting rain. PRAY FOR ME

More news to come, as we begin the ride home to my friends and that beautiful fenced in yard where the dogs can go out without a leash and

Thursday, March 12, 2009

moving on out

We are packing up and getting ready to head out to Georgia. We have reservations at a place called Eagle's Roost in Lake City Georgia, under the southern pines. On Sunday we will head to Perry Georgia for the FMCA, family motor coach assoc, international convention. Hmmmm, if nothing else it should be interesting. Wondering if I should sign up for the tour to 'Tara" I kid you not.
The picture shows Deco, obviously not stressed, as he supervises the packing up. I am actually a bit sad to leave, all sorts of people stopping by and giving us their phone numbers and e-mail addresses, not that I will ever use them but it is nice to know we will be missed. I will especially miss my good friends down here in Fort Myers and Pine Island as we have gotten together every week. I will also miss this great weather - 80's and sunny it is delightful.
I met an interesting lady at the Palmetto dog trial, I had spoken with her in Vero Beach as well. She runs the cutest Norwich terrier and a standard poodle. Se is actually camped fairly near me in a women's only campground. She retired as a professor of anthropology from the Univ of Michigan and also resides in Manhattan. She will be running at Granby and I look forward to seeing her. We have plans for training next year - if we both end up back down here. i do think we will be back as it is conveniently located for us and close to our friends and has that great dog area.
CRISIS today- couldn't find Flee's Frisbee . Now the Frisbee is about 1/3 of its former size but Flee looks for it as soon as we get to the dog play area. could not find it today and Flee was distraught . He ran in circles and kept trying to go back to the car- but the doggie god was with me and someone had found the Frisbee and put it in a bag hung on the fence. Poor flee probably would not have survived without it.
I will take pictures of "Eagles Roost" sounds nice. Should have plenty to write about. I really do like this living in a motor home, nice long walks at night with the temps in the 70's, life is good

Thursday, March 5, 2009

BINGO-is it time to head home

Here is a picture of Flee and Nemo at the beach, not sure how happy they are about the whole thing. Flee likes to stand in the water but we were able to get him to swim a bit, not his thing. Remember, the water at my ankles is at his chin. Nemo just comes along for the ride .
OK, maybe it is time to go home, I actuality went to bingo last night. Now for me bingo is as exciting as watching my hair dry. You have three numbers, if you are lucky , and people are already yelling bingo. However, I won $15 so I really shouldn't complain. And the night before I went to "card night" and played cards, but I like playing cards so that was OK. Like playing cards and sipping wine but at these gatherings they have lemonade and popcorn. I am becoming an 'camper' scary isn't it.
tomorrow we go to Palmetto about an hour north for an agility trial so I can regain my balance. Have done no training except a few weave poles here and there so never quite know what I will get from Deco. Deco spends his day hanging around with Jim -hopefully this hasn't completely spoiled him for " competition"
Again, I actually like this life. the past week was a bit quiet with alot of people leaving at the end of February and cold weather which slows down 'park-life' . Sort of like a beehive , active when it iswarm, sluggish when it is cold. Gave me time to do some cooking, chicken pot pie and even a lasagna in the freezer for another time. Beginning to get the hang of cooking in a small space with a small oven.
It is interesting as the days go by and you start to interact with a group, some neighbors some you meet walking dogs some just walk by and conversations start. It is all very casual as living in your RV is seriously "here today gone tomorrow". I haven't met anyone that I would want to continue a friendship with , that is not necessarily bad and in fact is sort of satisfying as everything stays pretty casual.
I should say that Jim knows half the park as he is very social. Lots of campers tell me we are the first people to say hello to them, but.... it works both ways you need to stick your hand out if you want social interaction, assumption is that if you aren't willing to do that you wish to be left alone.
You spend alot of time in 10 minute conversations. The women in a RV down from us is from Quebec ( as is 3/4 of the park) but she doesn't speak any English . She was playing the accordion the other day, very well I might add, and I went over and we nodded and I said my 2 words of passable french. Her husband speaks a bit of English and said that she is afraid to venture out with non French speakers . Many many french Canadians here and they stick together- never thought that might be because they were 'afraid' to interact with us non-french speakers. Interesting.
OK this has gone on long enough. We leave for dog trial tomorrow, will blog when I get back. next week we leave for Perry Georgia- more to come on that.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

wednesday feb 25

greetings from lovely florida
we have had company for the past few days, actually we have been pretty busy with friends both here and away. you do get into a schedule of sorts but I do wonder about traveling back home and readjusting to a more difficult schedule. Of course I won't have to walk the dogs x4 a day and that should help

We found a nice place to let Flee and Nemo go wading, actually it is along the road before the bridge to Sanibel. There is a very short width of sand but the water is shallow enough for the corgis. Flee likes to stand in the water so it works for him. We went to Sanibel and Captiva with our vacationing friends, interesting to visit but I can't imagine anyone acutally living there with the traffic and all.

We never seem to stop purchasing stuff for this monstor. More electirc cable ( not cheap) and then these screened covers for the vents to keep bees, wasps and these mud dabs from building nests. We have had sun screens made for the front window, wheels, side window and to attach to the awning. Now we are looking at surge protectors - $300-400. This rv is like a hungry child, or perhas I should say teenager.

The youngest grandchild is 4 tomorrow. Then we have Marcu in March who will be 13. Doesn't make me feel old as i already know I am getting that way, everytime I look in the mirror and see all those lines. Well as they say- look at the alternative.

Next weekend we go to Palmetto for an agility trial and then we leave FortMyers on the 13th and head to Perry Georgia for the FMCA convention They say over 2000 bus are registered, hard to imagine. There are 115 seminars listed and some I am looking forward to attending. They have tours each day and i am planning to go to Calloway Gardens, Jim can watch the dogs that day.

While it will be nice to get home I hate leaving this weather. Next year we are here from the beginning of December and , if the house sells, we will travel next year to Alaska. Got to do this while we can.

Off to shower and then the market, already have done the morning walks. Take care all

Lindsay and the corgis and hubby

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

just another day

In my effort to be more consistent I am posting, even though there is not much new to report. the big thing in the 'park' is watching new rv's come in and try to park. Very scary that this is my new source of entertainment.
we ordered and have recieved some new sunscreens for the patio, they look good and make a difference as the sun gets pretty intense in the afternoon. Jim needs to put up a screen that we had made for the side window so that I won't need to keep the curtains pulled. Our tv in the front is not working, or should I say the direct tv is not working but it works in the bedroom. who knows why it is a problem with the satellite on the roof- kind of a bummer as i like watching the news out here.
We are making plans for when we leave here in March and are going to Perry GA and then Red Bay Al to have a few things done on the bus. Alabama is where they make Tiffen. Damn the last time I was in Alabama was my college picketing days and I was in Selma and it was very scary. As I look back it was a group of us very white college students experiencinb some real hatred from the police and people as we had a civil rights march- and now a black president. Thank god times have changed and maybe i was lucky to see the changes as the grandkids have no idea what things were like for blacks in the 60's never mind before then.

Made pulled pork and coleslaw and invited out RV neighbors over for dinner. They are all a bit strange- you can imagine what they think of me LOL but as Jim said
"If it is free it's for me " so they are all coming over. Now if I can remember their names, there are alot of Jims, Bills, the Joes here. Maybe everyone travels under an alias.

Tomorrow I hope to go to Sanibel, we have yet to hit a beach

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday February 15th

I know, I am a lousy blogger. sorry for those few who are actually following this.

Since I last wrote we have been to Vero Beach for a dog trial- lots of fun and a great setting. These Florida sites are awesome as they are undercover with lots of crating space in the shade and great RV sites. Now if only my new England doggie friends were here it would be perfect . although , the Florida people are very friendly and ,as with agility people all over, you soon start chatting and cheering them on , compare runs, etc.

The weather here is lovely with temps in the 80's in the afternoon. It does cool off fairly quickly at night though.

what do I do all day ??? what keeps me so busy that I don't regularly blog ? Well , alot of nothing I guess. My days go like this

7 am-8:15 am , walk the dogs, two at a time

8:15-8:30 am feed dogs who are hysterical that I might actually forget a meal !!!

8:30- finally pour a cup of coffee, check computer, bowl of cereal, let Flee and Nemo out of crates, make bed, start a small wash, sweep all the dirt that dogs have brought in, vacuum

Between 8:30 and 10:30 I am usually doing'stuff' from paying bills on line to vacuuming the dirt out of the crates and yelling at Flee to leave the vacuum alone

One job is checking the refrig to see what I have forgotten. I tend to over buy with optimism that I am going to cook this or that , don't do it and then have to toss it out. Getting a bit better with that but my old ways die hard

Anytime from 11 am on Jim and I will go do errands or just take a ride to check something out- this is also sleep time for the dogs. We plan to be home by 3:30 if we do go out to once again walk the dogs

4:00- bring dogs to play area, Flee loves this part of the day as he gets to run after his dirty old frisbee. I bring Flee and Nemo and then Abbie and Deco- this occupies an hour.

5-5:30 feed dogs

6:00 feed us

7:00 walk dogs for the night- about 4 minutes.

Now what i haven't added is the numerous conversations that you have in passing with many people within the park. This can occupy all sorts of time with hi's here and there. It is amazing how little time I actually have for doing nothing. And, by 9 pm I am usually headed for bed .

What I do is pretty much the norm- except for the number of times I actually walk dogs. there is shuffleboard and card games and other thing which don't really interest me right now but people do keep busy. We have our friends in the area that we see weekly and then people in the park that we talk with and newcomers who are always looking to talk with you. Busy busy

Jim and I are looking into traveling alot more next year and next year will be Alaska for sure.

So friends and fellow bloggers, this is what we do all day.
once again I will promise to keep this more current- good night

Sunday, February 1, 2009

superbowl sunday

True to my promise to try and keep this up to date, I am 'blogging' and watching the super bowl - editorial comment- The Boss rocks !
it has cooled off a bit from the high of 80 on Thursday, sweater weather today. Saturday the park had a Pioneer Valley Day and i decided that we should at least go up and see what it was all about. they had 50 cent beer and hot dogs and tacos in a bag- an interesting idea. in the afternoon we sat outside while people did a modified karaoke. Question ?? why do so many people think they can sing- unbelievable. It was fun and you get to meet people. I would say 75% of the park is Canadian and most of them from Quebec so little English is spoken.
I have a whole doggie subculture from the people I meet at the dog park of while walking the dogs. It is all very brief and insignificant contacts. The Canadians move in a group - a large group- but for most of us it is a wave and hello. surprisingly this works great for me as I keep busy doing whatever it is I do all day.
Met with friends today for lunch which meant going to the Moose club and having a burger and beer 9 gin and tonic for me) can't beat the prices but I am beginning to overdose on burgers and it is a good thing I walk so much as this is not exactly healthy eating.
I do miss my home friends, familiar places, and familiar schedule but not at the expense of trading this weather for winter and snow.
We head to Vero Beach for a dog trial this weekend. I am anxiously looking for a hairdresser as it is beginning to get desperate. These are the things that occupy my day
take care folks, and stay warm
Lindsay North Fort Myers superbowl sunday

Thursday, January 29, 2009

further adventures of the crew

I have to admit that I am not good at keeping the blogs updated- it certainly is not because of lack of things happening
Last weekend we headed to Miami to an agility trial , beautiful site and fun people. So different having a site that is under cover but open on all 4 sides with nice crating and great footing. Palm trees, sun and great weather . We had a bit of trouble on the road going to Miami as the tire on the jeep that we were towing blew. Jim noticed a piece of rubber flying in the air and we pulled over. One tire was totally rolled back over the rim and the other had been scraped raw. All these years with triple AAA and i finally got to use them. Jim left me with the RV on the side of the road and AAA loaded the jeep on a tow truck and drove him back to get tires. All this put us into Miami at rush hour which is a bit of an adventure when you are driving a 40' bus and towing a car and trying to get from one lane to the other to make a turn. If you miss your turn with the bus you can be screwed as this thing does NOT make u-turns.

Other then that we have been soaking up the sun, 80 degree weather. Today the RV park had all sorts of events and Jim and I went up with another couple and had some 50 cent beers and bratwurst and watch the cloggers and line dancers. I learned how to play shuffleboard- harder then it looks. It was all good fun and our first participation in a park social event.

Dogs continue to run my life. We go play frisbee at 4 in the afternoon and have a small group with 3 poodle/yorkie crosses and Flee and Nemo. 90 % of the dogs in the park are foo-foo beyond belief, all those little toy dog things in every cross imaginable. There are goldens a lab or two, poodles, a chow, and yorkies yorkies yorkies. One beagle and i have seen 2 German Shepard's. I have the market on corgis and have become the dog guru- people stop by and ask questions. I am also very vocal on what I will allow at the dog play area and that is no big dogs with my dogs - just not worth the aggravation.

so that is life amongst the old folk- damn I guess I am one of them now aren't I . We were at the pool and Jim pointed out that all the chlorine had turned every one's hair gray. Cute-

Next weekend we head to Vero Beach for a dog event. That should be fun

take care friends and I will try to be more current with my blogs

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NEW POST FINALLY- We Have a New President!!

first I will apologize up front about the delay in posting. I had trouble signing back into my blog to post, who knows why except maybe the web gurus. So, here I am back , happy and blogging

today is a momentous day !!! How can I describe how I feel- Obama's speech hit all the right notes for me, foreign policy and might does not make right ! Hooray for that and for what i hope is more attention to the needy of all countries. I know time will tell but here is a man who's beliefs are so much closer to mine and those of many of my friends. I have such hopes for him although it is not a job I would want, you have to be special to get to the presidency and to bring the support of millions of people with you . almost a religious experience .

Now on to the Florida stuff. It is cool here today, like long pants and sweater cool The wind is blowing and it is cloudy which adds to the long pants and sweater feel. As I had planned to spend the day watch the festivities in Washington , the weather is no problem.
We seem to have settled in. Actually Jim settled in early , he likes the warm weather and visiting with the RV 'men'. It has taken me a bit longer to get use to the schedule or lack of schedule. i have the dogs in a routine that works, I have had a haircut and pedicure, so things are looking up.
Jim and I have taken little road trips down to Punta Gorda and over to Bokelia. We have visited with our friends in Fort Myers and Pine Island. We have had a small Mystic party with friends who were down in Sarasota. There are quite a few people form Ledyard/Mystic scattered around this area and many of them have found their ways to our site.

Days go by rather quickly and yet you aren't doing much. We leave Thursday for Miami and a dog trial- that should be fun and interesting and the weather man promised warmer weather. tomorrow is going to be cold with lows in the 30's tonight so the heater will be going. Hey, it isn't 5 degrees with snow on the ground so I should just stop whining about it - right!

I am not sure I could go "full time" that would be living in the RV full time but it has just about everything you need except a fenced in yard so the dogs can play independent of the leash.

Promise to keep the blog up now that Google has allowed me back in

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year- finally

I haven't kept up to date and for that I apologize. Again , for someone who does little but walk 4 dogs by the time evening comes I am ready for bed. Actually , it is not just walking but keeping them quiet and exercised.
We had a quiet New Year's Eve- also our 14th anniversary ( and they said it wouldn't last). We had friends over on NYear's day and another set of friends today. Tomorrow is for me to sit back and read.
I need to get a bit more creative about cooking- can't do grilling every night. I have cleaning down to a science. We have decided to get a small TV for the "basement" so we can sit outside and watch TV if the urge gets us. Today with UConn on we could have used it -
Deco is getting better and is barking instead of those little 'woofs' and he wants to do the stairs in and out instead of being carried. I do think he bruised his ribcage and that the rimydil (sp) is helping. The vet called Friday to check on him- they are very attentive at this vet office.
We will not trial next week as I don't want him to re injure himself but I have hopes for Miami the end of the month.
We are looking into moving to the panhandle next month- I have always wanted to see that part of Florida.
other then that- not much to report. Life in the RV park is quiet unless you have a site next to the Canadians- they raise H every night. I am getting very lazy so I need to find something to do that isn't just walking the dogs- which still takes a better part of my day.
Well, when all is said and done , it is warm and sunny each day and that sure beats cold and snow.