Sunday, April 5, 2009

back in Ledyard CT

Back home on March 30th via Lagrange Ky , Clarksburg WV - or should I say those are the places we parked. We went through Decatur AL , Nashville Tn, Louisville KY, and then all those Pennsylvania and New York places. I will say the drive across West Virginia on Highway 68 was not one of our smartest moves. Jim simply says that " if you are going to be on the road you need to take what the road gives you" . I say snow, wind and climbing up and down mountains in March is more then I want. Bet it is pretty in the summer going through the Cumberland Gap and all.

But home we are- nice letting the dogs just go out and run and really nice seeing family and my dog family- fellow Sneakers. Good to go to class with Deco and I am looking forward to trialing at the upcoming Sneak trial. So those are the good things. But, I do miss our RV park freedom and the sun and how totally

laid back living is-------note picture of out Florida site ------------

We are already looking ahead to our next trip, May is pretty busy with dog stuff and then the CPE Nationals in June and then- on the road again but most likely close by , Maine, Vermont. I want to do Gettysburg but will wait until the fall when the kids are back in school.

Yes, we are back home and I look around at all the stuff and wonder why I need it all, I never realized I was a minimalist- liked the small space of the bus and the economy of bringing just what you needed. That being said I do need to 'personalize" the interior and I still want wood flooring where the carpet is.

As for the dogs, Flee says anywhere his frisbee is home.

What a guy, my Flee who will be 8 in May- time flies.

Lindsay/Jim and the many corgis back in CT.