Tuesday, February 24, 2009

wednesday feb 25

greetings from lovely florida
we have had company for the past few days, actually we have been pretty busy with friends both here and away. you do get into a schedule of sorts but I do wonder about traveling back home and readjusting to a more difficult schedule. Of course I won't have to walk the dogs x4 a day and that should help

We found a nice place to let Flee and Nemo go wading, actually it is along the road before the bridge to Sanibel. There is a very short width of sand but the water is shallow enough for the corgis. Flee likes to stand in the water so it works for him. We went to Sanibel and Captiva with our vacationing friends, interesting to visit but I can't imagine anyone acutally living there with the traffic and all.

We never seem to stop purchasing stuff for this monstor. More electirc cable ( not cheap) and then these screened covers for the vents to keep bees, wasps and these mud dabs from building nests. We have had sun screens made for the front window, wheels, side window and to attach to the awning. Now we are looking at surge protectors - $300-400. This rv is like a hungry child, or perhas I should say teenager.

The youngest grandchild is 4 tomorrow. Then we have Marcu in March who will be 13. Doesn't make me feel old as i already know I am getting that way, everytime I look in the mirror and see all those lines. Well as they say- look at the alternative.

Next weekend we go to Palmetto for an agility trial and then we leave FortMyers on the 13th and head to Perry Georgia for the FMCA convention They say over 2000 bus are registered, hard to imagine. There are 115 seminars listed and some I am looking forward to attending. They have tours each day and i am planning to go to Calloway Gardens, Jim can watch the dogs that day.

While it will be nice to get home I hate leaving this weather. Next year we are here from the beginning of December and , if the house sells, we will travel next year to Alaska. Got to do this while we can.

Off to shower and then the market, already have done the morning walks. Take care all

Lindsay and the corgis and hubby

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

just another day

In my effort to be more consistent I am posting, even though there is not much new to report. the big thing in the 'park' is watching new rv's come in and try to park. Very scary that this is my new source of entertainment.
we ordered and have recieved some new sunscreens for the patio, they look good and make a difference as the sun gets pretty intense in the afternoon. Jim needs to put up a screen that we had made for the side window so that I won't need to keep the curtains pulled. Our tv in the front is not working, or should I say the direct tv is not working but it works in the bedroom. who knows why it is a problem with the satellite on the roof- kind of a bummer as i like watching the news out here.
We are making plans for when we leave here in March and are going to Perry GA and then Red Bay Al to have a few things done on the bus. Alabama is where they make Tiffen. Damn the last time I was in Alabama was my college picketing days and I was in Selma and it was very scary. As I look back it was a group of us very white college students experiencinb some real hatred from the police and people as we had a civil rights march- and now a black president. Thank god times have changed and maybe i was lucky to see the changes as the grandkids have no idea what things were like for blacks in the 60's never mind before then.

Made pulled pork and coleslaw and invited out RV neighbors over for dinner. They are all a bit strange- you can imagine what they think of me LOL but as Jim said
"If it is free it's for me " so they are all coming over. Now if I can remember their names, there are alot of Jims, Bills, the Joes here. Maybe everyone travels under an alias.

Tomorrow I hope to go to Sanibel, we have yet to hit a beach

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday February 15th

I know, I am a lousy blogger. sorry for those few who are actually following this.

Since I last wrote we have been to Vero Beach for a dog trial- lots of fun and a great setting. These Florida sites are awesome as they are undercover with lots of crating space in the shade and great RV sites. Now if only my new England doggie friends were here it would be perfect . although , the Florida people are very friendly and ,as with agility people all over, you soon start chatting and cheering them on , compare runs, etc.

The weather here is lovely with temps in the 80's in the afternoon. It does cool off fairly quickly at night though.

what do I do all day ??? what keeps me so busy that I don't regularly blog ? Well , alot of nothing I guess. My days go like this

7 am-8:15 am , walk the dogs, two at a time

8:15-8:30 am feed dogs who are hysterical that I might actually forget a meal !!!

8:30- finally pour a cup of coffee, check computer, bowl of cereal, let Flee and Nemo out of crates, make bed, start a small wash, sweep all the dirt that dogs have brought in, vacuum

Between 8:30 and 10:30 I am usually doing'stuff' from paying bills on line to vacuuming the dirt out of the crates and yelling at Flee to leave the vacuum alone

One job is checking the refrig to see what I have forgotten. I tend to over buy with optimism that I am going to cook this or that , don't do it and then have to toss it out. Getting a bit better with that but my old ways die hard

Anytime from 11 am on Jim and I will go do errands or just take a ride to check something out- this is also sleep time for the dogs. We plan to be home by 3:30 if we do go out to once again walk the dogs

4:00- bring dogs to play area, Flee loves this part of the day as he gets to run after his dirty old frisbee. I bring Flee and Nemo and then Abbie and Deco- this occupies an hour.

5-5:30 feed dogs

6:00 feed us

7:00 walk dogs for the night- about 4 minutes.

Now what i haven't added is the numerous conversations that you have in passing with many people within the park. This can occupy all sorts of time with hi's here and there. It is amazing how little time I actually have for doing nothing. And, by 9 pm I am usually headed for bed .

What I do is pretty much the norm- except for the number of times I actually walk dogs. there is shuffleboard and card games and other thing which don't really interest me right now but people do keep busy. We have our friends in the area that we see weekly and then people in the park that we talk with and newcomers who are always looking to talk with you. Busy busy

Jim and I are looking into traveling alot more next year and next year will be Alaska for sure.

So friends and fellow bloggers, this is what we do all day.
once again I will promise to keep this more current- good night

Sunday, February 1, 2009

superbowl sunday

True to my promise to try and keep this up to date, I am 'blogging' and watching the super bowl - editorial comment- The Boss rocks !
it has cooled off a bit from the high of 80 on Thursday, sweater weather today. Saturday the park had a Pioneer Valley Day and i decided that we should at least go up and see what it was all about. they had 50 cent beer and hot dogs and tacos in a bag- an interesting idea. in the afternoon we sat outside while people did a modified karaoke. Question ?? why do so many people think they can sing- unbelievable. It was fun and you get to meet people. I would say 75% of the park is Canadian and most of them from Quebec so little English is spoken.
I have a whole doggie subculture from the people I meet at the dog park of while walking the dogs. It is all very brief and insignificant contacts. The Canadians move in a group - a large group- but for most of us it is a wave and hello. surprisingly this works great for me as I keep busy doing whatever it is I do all day.
Met with friends today for lunch which meant going to the Moose club and having a burger and beer 9 gin and tonic for me) can't beat the prices but I am beginning to overdose on burgers and it is a good thing I walk so much as this is not exactly healthy eating.
I do miss my home friends, familiar places, and familiar schedule but not at the expense of trading this weather for winter and snow.
We head to Vero Beach for a dog trial this weekend. I am anxiously looking for a hairdresser as it is beginning to get desperate. These are the things that occupy my day
take care folks, and stay warm
Lindsay North Fort Myers superbowl sunday