Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Dec 2 7th

I was told that I needed to update my blog- for someone who doesn't have much to do i keep busy.
First of all the weather- in the 80's it is warm and sunny , feels great to be in shorts and drive in the jeep with the windows open. I bring the dogs out in the afternoon and put them into ex-pens while I read for an hour or so. Keeps them quiet and I get some quiet time as well.
The RV park is an older one which basically means that the sites are a bit roomier then in a newer park where they plop you side by side. Mixture of people , that is true at most places. they have shuffle board- a biggie here with teams and tournaments, horse shoes, line dancing , etc etc.
I have dog walking . You figure each pair gets walked 4 times a day - that is 8 walks, who needs aerobics !!
Jim found a fenced in yard that apparently can be used for running the dogs. What a guy. We brought Flee and Nemo for some frisbee play. It is a bit far to walk but I can drive over and let the dogs run. Flee does not have an off button and it is getting worse since he discovered the SQUIRRELS ! He is a wild man and can't wait to go for a walk to check out each and every tree.

We had a scare with Deco who apparently hurt himself, I think he launched down the stairs and bruised himself . He was very sore and quiet on Xmass day and yesterday he would barely walk and cried if you got near him. We called a vet that was located fairly close and they said they would see us. We brought him in and left him for x-rays- can you imagine this is a place I know nothing about !!! However the dog -god must have been with us as the vet was very good in listening to me and explaining what she found, showing us x-rays etc. It does not appear to be his back or at least a disc but he is sore and sprained something. He is on pain meds and an anti-inflammatory and will go back Monday. As she cautioned me, discs don't always present themselves on x-rays- this I know.
He seems in less pain today and we are keeping him confined to the bedroom as I am afraid he will hurt himself on the steps. so after 4 days we have already met the vet and all the $$$$$ that entails.
Other then that we are exploring in the am and then I sit outside with the dogs in the afternoon.
Jim found this great fenced in area on the other side of the rv park where I can run Flee and Nemo and play frisbee. That was great and should have tired Flee out but nothing tires Flee out. Message to all- traveling with 4 dogs is alot of work and keeping them quiet is alot of work. But they are mine and we will make do even if it kills me.
Had some great strawberries that I bought at a roadside stand for supper. Monday we are going for some fresh fish - will head down to Pine Island where our friends live for fish.
We actually bought tickets to the New Year Eve celebration at the community center. Heck with enought champagne I can handle almost anything !!!!!
Pictures to come later. Keep me in mind blog-followers.
Lindsay and Jim on the road

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday in ocala- chilly but then again everything is 'relative'

It was in the high 30's this am when I got up at 6:29- the usual waking time for the corgis. We have all the shades pulled inthe bus but at 6:29 sharp Nemo starts chirrping and i know I might just as well haul a** out of bed as it is not going to get any better. Walk Nemo and Flee and then back for Deco and Abbie, feed them and then back out with Flee and Nemo. Deco and Abbie have a longer walk in the am so they are pretty well set. this RV park has a fenced in dog run so i brought flee and Nemo do there for some frisbee play- flee loved it !!!
Beginning to relax, vacuumed the bus , showered and just puttered. Jim washed the outside of the bus . Then we took a ride to look at the horse farms down here- Unbelievable places.
cool today , jeans and sweatshirt back on. tomorrow down to fort Myers.
I am feeling more at ease and beginning to get into the "gentler" life style. I have cooked meals every night and think I have this silly oven figured out. told Jim not to expect turkey for Xmass, have to figure something out or maybe we can just drink champagne !! Now that is an idea.

Heard from my Uncle Bob last night- 92 years strong. He lives in Hawaii and is actually our only family relative that is still alive- we had small holidays. Maybe one reason I married my first husband who had a large, noisy Italian family and I loved the 'idea' of that as it was so different from what I was use to.
Regardless, Happy holidays to all who are out there , friend and family alike- all my love
Lindsay - feeling sentimental on Dec 22.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

SAT DEC 20th Ocala Fl

we have made it to the state where you can sit outside and sip wine at night. Not a bad thing. We are in an RV park in ocala that is dog friendly ( whih is more then I can say right now as they are driving me crazy) We plan to stay here tomorrow and take it easy . Jim has been driving for 3 days non stop and we both need time to relax and regroup.
funny thing, I found out that I am more of a home body then I would have thought. I get sentimental about opening the door and having the dogs run around in a foot of snow while i sit and watch the birds and enjoy the fire. But after 3 days to that it does get old. However, I am thinking that 3 months away is a long time- a bit homesick who would have thought it. I think once I get into a routine and the dogs get into a routine I will enjoy life on the road - and then again maybe I won't which would be a very expensive mistake !!! think positive
So tomorrow we can relax a bit. I will say that a nice warm shower this am helped me feel better. The dogs were more relaxed- Deco is a spoiled brat and Nemo is still trying to figure out how to hide under this bed. He is in the crate tonight after loose bowels last night- first thing tomorrow is the market and some rug cleaner. Gotta love 'em.
Was able to watch UConn that was a big plus as Direct TV finally got our network channels added. GO HUSKEYS

Friday, December 19, 2008


Where to begin. We got on the road yesterday as we kenew with the bad weather approaching it was now or never. I was all bright eyed and optimistic and excited about what lay ahead. ( I have to add here that I am a bit of a worrier on the road. Most like the result of an fairly serious accident when i was young.) But Jim is most likely one of the best drivers out there so...
things were uneventful until about 6 pm when we hit Hagerstown MD - I had stated fairly firmly that I did not want to be traveling after dark - no need to do so, we are not in a hurry , etc etc. Jim is of the " lets do a few more miles persuasion"
Anyway, we stopped to check out the two truck stops that were at that exit to see if we could park for the night. Both were full. Remember here that Jim cannot back this bus up as we are towing a car so we have to be sure that once we get into something we can get out.
We got back on the highway and figured we could stop at a rest stop in VA. Our goal was to get below the freeze line with all this bad weather coming.
BAM- we go 1/4 mile on 81 and come to a complete stop - it is 6:30. By 9:30 we had gone maybe 2 miles . At exit #1 we exited. We had been at exit 5. There were trucks and cars parked on the exit ramp and along the road , just sleeping. I had checked my book and there was a walmart at this exit BUT the book doesn't say get off the ramp and turn left or right- that is left to you. We went right -wrong way. Now remember that Jim can not turn this thing around in someone;s driveway. We are now in a line of traffic on route 11 that is backing up as people are trying to avoid the interstate. We take a left into what we think is a school and find that we can not get turned around. We are at a Pentecostal camp with little cabins and little street. Pitch black and we cannot see a ting. The dogs have had it and are barking to get walked. Jim just stops and says we stay here. On Amen Blvd- I kid you not. Now this place is deserted- hopefully . But I decide to sleep on the sofa to keep the dogs quiet so Jim who has been driving for 12 hours can rest. We don't turn on the generator and it starts to get cold. I have Deco at my feet and the blanket over my nose. By the way , leather sofas areslippery.
We made it through the night- I with little sleep- and we were able to wind our way out of there this morning. Jim can move this 40'bus with jeep around spots you would not thing possible.
Too much adventure for me- oh by the way it was ( I kid you not) Healing Pathways Pentecostal Camp say alleluia
good night all
Lindsay and day #1

Friday December 10th

Friday December 10th

Friday December 10th

Monday, December 15, 2008


we sepnt most of the day loading stuff under the bus. Chairs, tables and all sorts of dog stuff, ex-pens, sund screens, pooper scooper. Worse then traveling with kids. I have the crates in the bus and covered and frozen dog food in the freezer. yes, the doggies do come first or is it that I figure we (adults) are more able to adapt.Certainly we can fend for ourselves a bit.
the gin and vodka are loaded as well- no fool me. Now I need to go through the clothes and put half fof them away.the box of books will stay however
Saying good bye to my doggie friends. I will miss seeing them although I am looking forward to agility trials in florida. It will all be an adventure

Saw my good friends Ann and Sandy today, Ann looks tired but very trim. Such nice people. I think of the dog friends I have and count myself as lucky There are so many good people.
Now I just need to figure out how to get people to this blog and I will be ready to go
Lindsay ( getting ready for the road)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

getting ready

we are at 20 days and counting before we leave on the grey goose' I guess that is what I will call it , and head south. While I am excited i am also a bit apprehensive as to how I am going to deal 24/7 with hubby and the 4 dogs. I think i will get use to the close quarters- let's pray for sun and warm weather so I can be outside.

I have stashed little packs here and there of stuff to be loaded on the bus from cocktail napkins to misc bowls and champagne glasses. do you detect a theme here- traveling with class.. Of course all that will be blown when the dogs started barking and complaining and growling at each other. We will have to be selective with our "friends"

I am sure it will all turn out fine either that or be a complete disastor. Just keep thinking warm weather , warm weather , warm weather