Saturday, January 9, 2010

Florida-or how cold can it get down here !

I know I have be negligent with my Blog. so let's catch up

( and by the way just so you all don't think I am sun bathing, it is 41 degrees here at noon, and raining)

We had a great time in Marathon and it was fun to see our friends. We left on the 29th and headed to Palmetto and a 4 day agility trial. Palmetto is a great site and nice camping. Deco did a great job and got his MJP- which is his master jumpers title. We picked up 2 more standard Q,s for his master standard title. He did everything I asked, and even tolerated my poor handling at times. It was chilly and we had a downpour one day, but with long pants and a sweatshirt we all survived.

We arrived in Fort Myers on January 2nd and moved into what will be our spot for the next 3 months. We have a sunny spot with a full concrete pad and it is one of the bigger sites, we had checked it out last year. We won't be back here next year but for now it is fine and one of the better bargains at only $850 a month. The site we had in the Keyes is about 1800 a month. Would hate to spend that kind of money to be in this cold.

It has been chilly since we got here. I have been in jeans and a long sleeved shirt and the other morning it was 35 when I got up to walk the dogs. The sun has been warm in the afternoon so I have sat outside with a book for an hour or so.

Today is the worse as it is raining and the temp is not supposed to go over 45!! But the weather is expected to improve by mid next week.

This place is like a bee hive and activity slows right down in this weather with few golf carts out there ( did I mention this was golf cart city?) Actually I haven't seen any golf carts out today. Lots of Candaians, all from Quebec and only a few speak or choose to speak english. We looked at another campground for next year, closer to the beach and about $700 more a month, to soon to make those plans though.

Dogs doing well, lots of walks and everyday we go play frisbee and the fenced in area. It would be so nice if they would all run together but we have to keep Flee away from Abbie and Deco as he is such a bully and the others really challenge him. This weather is tough for him as he seems stiffer lately, he will be 9 in May, hard to believe it.

That is pretty much my update. I am incredibly lazy, today I am planning to watch UConn men at noon and girls at 4- so my day is full. And inbetween I can read using my wonderful Kindle, yes, it is all that it is rumored to be. With my iphone and the kindle I feel very "with it". My next purchase , luxury purchase on the list of not needed but a want, will most likely be the WII on the premise that I will exercise on the bus. All this cool weather and lazin' around is not helping the waistline.

I promise pictures next week, To all my friends out there, a Happy New Year