Friday, November 9, 2012

has it really been a month !!


Boy , have I been negligent . It has been a month since my last post and since that time we have been to :Sweetwater Tn , Decatur/Huntsville AL, Red Bay AL ,Tupelo MIss,(birthplace of Elvis),Muscle Shoals AL the birthplace of Helen Keller
After leaving Red Bay Al where the Tiffen RV factory and service center is located- more commonly known as the mother ship- we headed to Destin Fl and Henderson Beach State Park to camp.

we are now at Fort Pickens Federal Park on the National Seashore on Pensacola Beach FL .Sunday we leave for St George Island by Apalachicola Fl until the 20th.
We head for Old Town FL and the Swanee River for Thanksgiving and then to Okeechobee for 2 weeks at a Corp of Engineer Park on the Lake. Final destination for the winter is North Fort Myers.

One of the highlights of our trip to Red Bay was to get the carpet replaced with tile. I bought the tile before we left Ct, I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am with the tile. 3 dogs and 2 adults living full time in the RV and carpet ! i think not
Expensive but worth it. Next project is replacing the shades

Highlights so far, We stopped in Decatur so that we could visit the Science and Rocket Center in Huntsville AL What a place I was not expecting sooo much to see. The center is famous for holding space camp. The original rocket launching site is Redstone and is located on the Redstone Arsenal an army base which also contains NASA and where the space station payload is monitored. We got to see them actually talking to the astronauts on the space station. The military site employs 36,000 people with only about 1,000 military. Included in that number is 8 generals as this site is where the missile defense is located. The guide said that Huntsville has more PHDs per capita then any other city. It all has to do with propulsion etcetc. Way too much info for me.

Before this gets too lengthy we spent yesterday at the Naval Aviation Museum which was also very interesting. My goal is to be sure that we visit what each area has to offer hence the birthplace of Elvis in Topelo. very well done . And Helen Keller's birthplace outside of Muscle Shoals AL and of course the Coon Dog Cemetery. We have climbed over the remains of Fort Pickens, the only time it ever actually fired on ships was during the Civil War where the Fort was held by Union troops - HEY I am already for Jeopardy all this useful info
Till next time

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