Wednesday, February 6, 2013

'time to update my blog even if admittedly, I have little to offer.
Life is fine here at Pioneer Village.The weather has been warm and sunny. Many activities, I am actually playing bridge and joined the chorus. I have been pretty faithful to my treadmill in the morning even if I do come home and eat after my mile and half. working towards 2 miles in 45 minutes.
I have been to see Lincoln, Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook, I enjoy the movies and once my good friend Esther arrived I have a good viewing companion.
Went to agility class this week with Deco, felt good to be back and to see all the people we left in April. He is a bit rusty and is getting older, almost 10 1/2 for a large cardigan male I am pushing it . I do feel I have another puppy in me, but the time is not quite right.
Watching the news and weather forecast for big time snow in ct, no, I do not miss it at all. I like shorts and t shirts and sun, I like cocktails outside and grilling steaks without winter coats. I like looking at tomato plants and fresh herbs. Do not miss cold, mud , dreary days and snow.
Hmm I guess I got that straight.
We may have bought a car, a 4 door silver jeep. I suffer all sorts of should I or should I nots when we think about purchasing a new vehicle. The prices are way out of sight. Use to say the price is what I paid for my first house but now it is more then my first house. I have almost had it with the 2 door jeep.It is tight and a pain to get into the back. I put my groceries in the dog crate,it is small. Of course Jim feels the need to carry all sorts of stuff in the back of the jeep which is a bone of contention with us. Really, we need the power drill in the car x!!! He gets all petulant and says there is no room in the motor home which is not exactly true as I could easily make room or remove something we do not need. One thing about living aboard a motor home full time is space- you have to be sure it is a needed item.
I think we will come to a compromise albeit a $30K + compromise.
Other then that I am beginning to plan our spring trip- Georgetown Texas to see sister and then to Fredericksburg for the Texas hill country and wild flowers. Then to Zion National Park via New Mexico. I want to spend sometime at Zion and then Bryce and then to Salt Lake City to see the grand boys. From there we head to Sturgis SD and the badlands. Sounds like fun and plenty of photo ops
We head to CT for the birth of the first Heaslip grand child in July. Hope to see all my CT friends and do some doggie agility

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