Friday, August 3, 2012

Moosehead Lake and moose(s)

My first decent moose photo. We have been going to this spot in the early am and at dusk with no luck, Driving by today at about 1 pm , there she was. So I can check that off the bucket list. Now if I could find a loon,...

We are still in Greenville Maine, one of the bigger differences in being a full timer is that literally you have to be somewhere, so another few days here is not big thing. It is not quite like being on vacation and yet it is a continual vacation except you can't "party" daily.

Nemo and I have been walking in the morning , he is such a good pal. Deco's idea of walking is to be pulled along until we turn towards the RV and then he finds his legs. Poor Abbie is definitely aging and prefers sleeping to almost any other activity. I looked at some hiking paths for Nemo and I but most of them are 20 miles away with directions such as: at the fork drive 10 miles until left turn, don't take left stay right for 17 miles and then watch for side road, 3 miles  etc etc and on dirt. As Jim does not hike he would have to drive me 45 minutes and then sit in the car for another hour plus- maybe we will make out better at Arcadia

Tomorrow a boat ride around the lake- weather continues to be great.
I keep having flash backs on the many many summers I spent in Maine with my grandparents- one of the highlights was going to the dump to watch the seagulls and look for bears. Ahhh, life was simpler
Good night friends

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