Monday, July 30, 2012

Duck Whisperher - Moosehead Maine

Taming wild beasts- I was the duck "piper"
Moosehead Lake is beautiful and the weather has been to perfect. Y ou wake up to a clear blue sky and the temps are in the upper 70's.
Today we traveled west to Rockwell where they were completely redoing the road- I am talking DUST horrid I could feel grit in my teeth .
We went to see about the boat to Mt Kineo where you can walk around or hike but the number of smaller people ( aged 8 and under)and dogs getting on the small boat made me think better of that plan. My number one grievance this day is flexi-leads as they are used by people who have absolutely NO control on their dog and can not figure out the damn leash ! I do not bring my dogs out with flex-leads and my dogs can heel and sit. Saw two beautiful flat coated retrievers- on regular leashes and well trained then we had mom and dad ( with flipflops and a beer ) and a large dog who was wrapping the kids up in the flexi-lead while trying to jump and everyone. Gotta love it
Ok pet peeve for the day !! enough said
Tomorrow the quest to find a photographic moose continues- they say that  moose out number the residents 3 to 1, must be before tourists.
Take care my friends, more to come I am sure.

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