Saturday, July 14, 2012

Field Pickin'

No, field pickin" has nothing to do with blueberries it is about bluegrassers meeting at night, banjos, fiddlers, steel guiltars and base players all just "pickin"  Last night I saw a piano that someone had wheels on and hard brought it on his rv. Hard core

Average age is 60-70, so I guess we fit in. There are over 200 trailors, 5th wheels and RVs here and they have been here all week although the actual festival started yesterday - of course camping is free and dry ( no elec, water, sewer) in the 90 degree temps thank god for the generator.

We got the new satelite put on the bus in Hatfield on Tuesday, works great but expensive. Dogs seem to be adjusting, they love the AC as the heat does get to them
From here we head back over the mountain to Randolph Center and a beautiul park so that Jim can visit with friends in Bethel, we will drive up to Quiche . Still see lots of devestation from the Hurricane last year, it is really amazing to see how much was washed out.
So, it is the lazy life of a full timer, I think Jim is about bluegrassed out or at least he told me not to sign up for the next bluegrass festival . Oh well, he can watch NASCAR tomorrow on the tv.
Signing out

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